Friday, May 31, 2013

In May I will....update!

I obviously scheduled this to post today but didn't update it all the way. So here's the updated version:

So I set myself some goals for May. I like goals because if you tell someone what you want to do, then you feel worse if you don't do them. Here's my update on how I've done this month!

  • Read more. I've read 100 pages in a week. That's a record! I'd like to make a goal of 20 pages a day
 This is an ongoing goal. I am finally almost finished with a 350 page book that has taken me almost 2 months to read. I have a bad habit of staying up until I'm ready to sleep and then wanting to sleep when I get to bed. When M naps, I nap or get caught up on tv or internet stuff.

  • Be crafty. Whether it's with Madison or scrapbooking at night. I need to do something.
  • Work on Madison's 2 year photobook. She will be 2 in 4 months(!!!!) and I don't want to wait till the last minute like I did with her 1 year book.
Started this...
  • Bake more. Even just making Madison some nutritious stuff.
I did make some brownies last week. Does that count?
  • Blog more non-Madison things.
  • Date Alan more. Even if we just meet up at the park on days his mom gets Madison.
We've talked about this and have decided to date at least once a month, just me and him. Get someone to watch Madison and go out.
  • Use my real camera more.
I haven't used it much
  • Try to be more social with moms. I find myself focusing on Madison at gymnastics and the library and I need to open up more. Make more friends and find Madison some friends too.
I have tried this. I've become more friendly with 2 moms at the library. One is talking about joining gymnastics when her daughter turns 16 months.
  • Make/find someone to make a blog button and favicon and trade buttons with fellow bloggers. I'd like to up my reader count.  
Done! I figured it out on my own. It's not perfect but it works! Now I can trade buttons with fellow bloggers an hopefully get more readers! 

  • Put my phone down more 
Well I try to not pick it up much during the day. When Alan gets home, I get on it a bit more. 


  1. Hey! I'm sitting here under the dryer as my hair gets colored and I'm reading thru your blog! I love reading blogs and wish I knew how too lol! Everything you write I'm like yup I know what you mean! So far I've leaned Ella and Madison have basically the same nursery, we both got married the same time (us the 30th), and we have both done major landscaping work recently lol! And now you can say you are social with a gymnastics mama :))

    1. I assume this is Amanda :) glad you are enjoying it and its super easy to start one! Just go to and get started! We have lots in common! I'd love to see Ella's nursery!

  2. I meant to sign my name and fix all the spelling errors but my phone wouldn't let me!

    1. I have the worst luck commenting on blogs with my phone. It must be the blogspot site or something.


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