Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy 20 months, Madison!

 This post contains video. If you get this update in email, please go HERE to see the videos.

Favorite things
Her Mickey Mouse plush that Alan's mom gave her and a rubber snake(see picture), necklaces, watermelon, grapes, being outside, doing "bridge"(laying on her back and lifting her belly-a gymnastics move), hiding, yelling at Cameron and/or Wilma, spinning in circles, Barney, kissing Boo-boos(even her own), brushing her own teeth, playing with chalk outside

Meat, taking 2 naps, sleeping late, cold milk

Starting to use 2 words together more and more. "Daddy's Lawnmower", "Mama's cup", "Toby outside"

She's been keeping her fingers in her mouth this month. Her top left canine finally poked through May 1..

Our little gardener

Watching Mickey Mouse and singing and laughing

Dancing at the library. Girls can get down!

Reading a book and fussing at the animals

Saying prayers

Using Hershey Kisses to work on colors.

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