Thursday, May 2, 2013

In May, I will.....

  • Read more. I've read 100 pages in a week. That's a record! I'd like to make a goal of 20 pages a day
  • Be crafty. Whether it's with Madison or scrapbooking at night. I need to do something.
  • Work on Madison's 2 year photobook. She will be 2 in 4 months(!!!!) and I don't want to wait till the last minute like I did with her 1 year book.
  • Bake more. Even just making Madison some nutritious stuff.
  • Blog more non-Madison things.
  • Date Alan more. Even if we just meet up at the park on days his mom gets Madison.
  • Use my real camera more.
  • Try to be more social with moms. I find myself focusing on Madison at gymnastics and the library and I need to open up more. Make more friends and find Madison some friends too.
  • Make/find someone to make a blog button and favicon and trade buttons with fellow bloggers. I'd like to up my reader count.  
  • Put my phone down more

I will try to do this every month. I think it's good to have goals. What are your May goals? 

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