Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday-May 3


-Saw this and loved it. So hard to remember as a mom.
-Madison was really good at gymnastics this week. After thinking about pulling her out, I think I will give her another month to see how she does.

-Madison had a fever Wednesday night and then was super grumpy Thursday. She is now getting her top left canine. Hoping she feels better soon and that the other 3 teeth aren't as hard for her.
-I had Pepper Jack cheese and triscuits for supper Thursday night. Alan was out of town and that's my excuse :)

My week in pictures(follow me here)
 Flowers from the yard

Thank goodness for a covered porch. Grilled out in the rain!

Took the time to catch up on reading while M napped

Madison was happily dipping chips in salsa 2 seconds before this picture and I had just took her picture. Then she offered her chip to Wilma and Wilma ate it. I gave her a new chip and she went to dip it and the chip broke. Enter more bawling. Life is tough, baby girl.

The happy Madison, as mentioned above.

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