Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 pumpkins

I realize I'm stretching out Halloween 2 days passed the real Holiday. I meant to add these to Madison's costume post but I forgot. 

I also failed to take a picture of Alan's pumpkin before it got all mushy and started falling in so it doesn't look much like it did when he first carved it but here it is:

Can you tell it's Patrick from Spongebob?

Maybe this will help.. Here's the stenciL :)
 This is Madison's. I had planned on doing a Spongebob stencil for her but we kept putting it off and I didn't carve this one until the night before Halloween so she's lucky it got carved at all :)

This is my Spongebob pumpkin.

I loved having the pumpkins on the porch... Madison really loved pointing to them and going "p p p p" (smacking her lips together).. When I first sat them out there, I told her they were "Pumpkins" and she said "B" (everything is the B noise) and I said "Not "B" but P P P P (making the P noise)" and from that time on they were always "p p p p" .. so cute :)

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