Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grown up things

I'm going to try to write more about what Alan and I are doing. Madison is so darn cute, plus she's involved in just about everything we do, so it's hard for her to not take over this blog. Random order but here we go:

I'm so ready for our annual Christmas tree trip to the mountains. Madison was only 2 months old last year. Seriously, look how tiny she was, and how tired I looked, and how long my hair was.. Geez :(
It was freezing and the wind was blowing crazy on that mountain! This was the first year we didn't go to the same tree farm in 7 years! Our usual farm was pretty bare the day we went last year and we lucked up on this one. I think it will be our normal farm from now on. We have booked a nice cabin and we are ready to go!

oh yeah.. Supposed to be a post not about Madison... This will be hard.

Movies/tv watched recently

Alan's movies:
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
 Machine Gun Preacher
Hunger Games(also enjoyed by Crystal) -really strange and pretty controversial as kids are killing kids but we both liked it.
Dolphin Tale(also enjoyed by Crystal) - very good. Sad but sweet!
The Eagle
War Horse
The Manchurian Candidate
The Grey -pretty graphic and sort of strange but decent.

Crystal's movies:
Mirror Mirror - so bad I turned off
Wanderlust  - turned off also
What to Expect When You're Expecting -so funny! Especially if you are a mom/pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - very good and very emotional! Not a girlie movie at all.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall- Very funny. Could be quite offensive. Very R rated.
Friends with Kids - hilarious! Great cast! A must see if you have young kids or if you have friends with kids and you don't have kids.
One for the Money- Pretty good!
A Thousand Words - Horrible. Turned off and rated 1 star.
New Years Eve - Really good
The Vow - So sweet. Seems like a Nicholas Sparks movie.
What's Your Number? May have questionable subject but I thought it was cute.

As far as tv goes, Alan doesn't watch much tv. He has gotten interested in the series Last Resort. He also watches Dallas, The Office and football.

Crystal records too much. Young and the Restless, Rachael Ray(depending on the recipes/guest), The Talk (only watch the discussion part unless a good guest is on), Ellen (depending on the guests), Cupcake Wars, Shark Tank, Breaking Amish(so sad it's over :( ), Long Island Medium, Auction Kings, The Real World, Pioneer Woman, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Duck Dynasty (love!), Great Food Truck Race, Up All Night, Giuliana and Bill, Undercover Boss and SNL(depending on the host/musical guest). Some of these are on season break right now and yes, some weeks I have about 4 episodes of each show and I have to weed through them cause I don't have the time to watch them! Some of them are background noise while I do things around the house, while she's napping or if she's playing in the floor, and a lot of them I just fast forward through.

We both watch Modern Family.

We have Christmas pictures coming up next week. We are doing them at a local park. Trying to figure out what all of us will wear.. 

My sweet Micki's 10th birthday is tomorrow. I got her when she was 9 months old. This dog has been through the worst. Tragically losing a leg when she was a year old, having heartworms(and getting rid of them through the  and her back right foot's tendons got sliced a couple years ago after stepping on a broken mug in the grass, while on a walk one day. She is still super happy and still loves to swim. Her bark is crazy annoying but I can't imagine not having her around. She's been through some of my happiest and saddest times. Happy Birthday Micki!

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