Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things a parent says...

I saw this on Pinterest a while back but never much paid attention to what I was saying until recently. As a parent of a human and pets, we say the weirdest things! I'm going to start blogging them! Boring or not?

Things said recently:

To Madison while playing with her play food "Grab your chicken leg and come here"

To Madison "Stop licking Daddy's arm"

"Wilma, stop licking the furniture"

To Madison who was being pretty fussy while we were all eating supper -(Alan handed her a local Christian store sales flyer) "Here, read about the Bible and maybe you will feel better" (Crystal) "God and Santa are watching you"

(Alan said to me while we were giving Madison a bath) "Like seriously, what did we do before having Madison?" (Crystal) "I guess watched a lot of tv and rested? I have no idea!" (Alan) "Did we eat supper in front of the tv or at the table?" (Crystal) "We've always eaten at the table but sometime we would eat while watching tv" (Alan) "I don't even remember eating before having Madison, did we eat before having her?" (Crystal) "Yeah I'm sure we did."

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