Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy 14 months, Madison!

All of these photos/videos/tidbits are during her 13th month. If you are unable to view the videos via email, here is the link to view online:


She started saying "nonono" a couple of months ago but she started saying it a lot more clear this month, even saying it after we ask her questions or tell her No. She now will point to something and say it. Probably because I tell her no when she wants something. She even shakes her pointer finger at whatever it is. I'm a mean mommy. You can also hear her giggling at the end.

She was a butterfly for Halloween. :)

I thought she was getting sick this day. She didn't want to nap so I brought her to lay on the couch with me. She laid on my chest for about an hour(a miracle!) but was still very happy :) She hasn't acted this way since. Thank goodness! Even though I love holding her!

Her Grandma(my mom) got her this cute little chair. She's a bit short for it but really loves it. I put her in it one day and she turned around and read her book for a good 10-15 minutes, which is about 4 hours in 13 month old world :)

Let us out!

 Just in the past couple of weeks, she's really picked up walking. She still needs something to "land" on and hasn't learned how to stand up from sitting down yet but she is letting go and walking all throughout the house. You can also hear her singing at the beginning, which she also started doing this month Precious!

She's getting bad about throwing things. She's been throwing her food for a while but she's recently started throwing her toys from her crib after she plays with them for a bit. I put her in her Pack and Play last week so I could get ready without having her tug on my pants wanting to be held, and she was trying to throw this heavy radio out of it because she was so mad! I couldn't help but giggle. She almost got it over the edge but not quite. 

She has also gotten bad about wanting everything she sees. In the store, at the table, doesn't matter. She screams what sounds like "mommy" while doing it.. not sure what that means in her language but she's pretty consistent with saying it and it gets pretty frustrating in the store. One time I  went to the grocery store, the cashier says she heard her talking.. Oops. :/

Corner protector fail.

And we voted today! The nice lady at the poll gave Madison her very own sticker! :) 

She now loves Sesame Street! I mean LOVES! She loves Elmo and Grover and just smiles and laughs when it's on. She only watches tv when she eats and we rarely catch it but when we do, it's so funny to watch her giggle! One of the perks of her getting up earlier here lately is catching Sesame Street! She also still loves to dance and will just bust a move anytime she hears music. She now has new, different moves that are, well... interesting ;) See for yourself!

What she now says:
(the word in quotes is what she says)
-Uh Oh -"Ohhhhhh"
-"Tickle Tickle"
-Wilma(our dog) - "mmmMa"
-Baby - sounds like "Daddy"
-Kitty kitty-similar to "tickle"
-Hot (like a light or candle) - "Tot tot"
-"Bye Bye"
-Thank you - "Tay"
-Night night - "Na Na"
-she will also "moo" like a cow and go "brr" like an elephant

The time change has thrown her for a loop once again! My daughter who went from getting up at 8 to getting up at 9 is now getting up at 7:30 :/ Hoping she changes back soon! Her schedule hasn't much changed. She is back to 3 naps since getting up at 7:30, which gives me some time to do whatever. 

Happy 14 months to our sweet girl. You have become this independent, personally filled little person! You now express when you don't want us touching or holding you and even tell us 'no' sometimes. Then there are times that you don't want us to put you down or let go of your hand. You play so good on your own and love when people cheer for something you do. You love being the center of attention! You love the animals more every day. Poor Sierra still hasn't figured you out. She still runs when you get within 10 feet of her but you think it's so funny when she runs :) Wilma is so sweet and lets you climb all over her and pull her hair. Micki just wants you to pet her but Toby doesn't approve of you yet. He isn't happy you are around but that's okay, he'll come around! Cameron allows you to pet him for a brief second but when it's enough, he walks away. We love you so much!

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