Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's garden time!

I promise this blog has not turned into Madison-land. I will try my best to post about things other than our little girl! She has just taken over and everything interesting lately has revolved around her! It's already started and she's not even here yet!

So after weeks of basically begging Alan to till up the garden, we decided the best option would be a raised garden. With my growing belly and our ground being red clay, we feel that this will be easier for me and will also produce more veggies! Here he is digging out the ground after he had already put the frame up. We decided to do an 8x6 frame and the boards are 12" wide.

Measuring the corner pieces so he can attach some support beams..2 trips to Lowes, 20 bags of manure, 27 bags of top soil and 2 bags of Miracle Grow later....
Ta-da! I helped clean up a little bit and raked the bags out while he emptied them and then planted the plants but he did all the manual work! Thanks again babe! You're the best :)

3 tomatoes plants on right, a cucumber plant and 2 rows of sweet onions in
middle and 4 okra plants on left.

And the 2 worst helpers ever. Wilma
and the neighbors dog, Dakota.
Thanks to my dad too, who every year reminds me what brand/type of plants I need to get and answers all my crazy questions. I will learn soon enough!

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