Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

We got up around 8 and Alan gave me a card he had gotten. It made me cry it was so sweet.. He is also supporting my shopping habit for Madison by giving me a BabyGap gift card. He said I wasn't allowed to buy anything under 6 months in size for her since she already has enough of 0-6 months clothes. I can deal with that. He then said we could go to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden - the place we got married - if I wanted. Of course. We headed up that way and I was pretty hungry so we stopped at Texas Roadhouse for lunch. He had started feeling bad so he didn't eat much. We then went to DSBG and there was a huge line. I begged him to let's just go home and come back a day when he feels better but he toughed it out. We had to stand in line about 20 minutes and got in and walked around. I didn't take a lot of pictures because it was so crowded! I have never seen so many moms with kids or pregnant women all in one spot! People were bringing in picnics and sitting by the flowers and eating. We will remember that next year! Here are the very few pictures I did take:
Alan's mom and Rhobie got me a baby book for Madi's first 5 years. She had been telling me to pick out one and I just kept forgetting! This one is perfect. It has places for first tooth and first haircut and all types of information and places for pictures, including birthday pictures for the first 5 years. Thanks Nonie and Papa Rhobie!

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