Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 22

April 28-May 5
She is now 11 inches in length and almost a pound! Her eyelids, lips and eyebrows are becoming more distinct and she's forming tiny toothbuds beneath her gums! Madi now has sleep schedules, sleeping 12-14 hours a day! It seems like she's waking up around 9am, wakes up a little around 3pm, then is a little more active between 5-11pm. I'm sure she wakes up before 9am but I'm such a hard sleeper, I don't notice her activity. Speaking of sleep, it's hard to find a comfortable position now and I have had 2 bad leg cramps this week and am constantly dreaming. Nightmares to crazy dreams. They are all night long and very annoying. She is becoming more and more active though. Lots of times during the day I feel a knot come up to the right of my belly button. It will be there for 20 seconds and then it's gone. That has been happening about 10 times a day lately. My weight is 114.8 and my belly now measures 33 1/2"! I bought my first pair of maternity shorts, a pair of pants, and a top today. I didn't buy one thing for Madison today. Aren't you proud? :)

On another note, Alan hasn't felt very well the past 2 days. He went to bed around 6 last night, getting up around 9 to eat and then back to bed. Today he went to bed around 4 and is still there. He had a small fever of 99 yesterday but it broke and was normal this morning. It was 100 today around 6. He's taking medicine around the clock. Just pray he gets better. He never gets sick, so this is very abnormal!

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