Saturday, May 28, 2011

25 weeks

May 19-26, 2011

She is now about 13.5"(the length of one of those recorders we played in Elementary school) long and around 2 pounds! She is gaining some baby fat which is smoothing out her skin and making it less wrinkled! She is also growing hair and if we could see it, we could tell what color it is. Her hands are also fully developed and her brain and nerve endings are developed so she has sense of touch. Her nostrils have also cleared up, teaching her to start breathing through her nose! Her capilleries are also forming which means her once translucent skin is turning pink and her blood vessels in her lungs are also forming. She has been so active, patting her hands below my belly button with her stomping feet under my ribs, which is slightly uncomfortable. Alan's brother told me at the beach a few times I had that "typical pregnant woman look" lol. When she digs under my ribs, it's very uncomfy but luckily if I press there, she will move. On our ultrasound this week(see below), she was folded in half with her ankles right at her head! She's so flexible..

This week we had a huge scare when I passed some blog clots when using the restroom. I called the doctor and told them what was going on and they got me in there fast. I saw the doctor, who did a pelvic exam and urine sample. She said my cervix was closed but there was blood in my urine. To take every precaution, she sent me to the hospital so they could monitor Madison's heartbeat, make sure I wasn't having contractions, drew 4 things of blood and do a catheter sample to see if the blood was coming from my bladder. They put us in a labor & delivery room, (very scary as I was worried what was going on, but a really nice room!) hooked me up to all types of monitors and left me alone. They came in about an hour later and did an ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay, drew blood and put in a catheter to take another urine sample. The tech said Madison looked great on the ultrasound and that her head and chest measured right on track but her legs measures 27 weeks, so that means we have a long legged little girl! We may have a ballerina or supermodel on our hands! She also said she was 2 pounds! Around 6:30, they came in, said that Madi's heartbeat looked great, that I wasn't having contractions but there was blood in my urine which indicated a bladder infection but we had to wait on the blood work results just to make sure it wasn't something else also. Around 7:30, Alan went to see if my results had come back since the doctor said it would be an hour and she said my blood work was negative but I did have a bladder infection. They gave me a prescription for some meds and sent me on my way. I'm so glad everything is okay with Madison though. I hope this is our only bump in the road. It's amazing how much we worry about this little girl already!

We also got her crib assembled this week so her room actually looks like a nursery! We got her mattress in this past week and we are going to order her bedding this coming week. We also took back the chest we got because the quality didn't seem great. We went yesterday and found one we like that we will go get this coming week.

My weight this week was 118 and my belly measures 34"!

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