Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping trip total:

Well I picked the absolute worst week to blog about my saving money because this week we spent more than we had planned. One problem was that Alan went with me. I wasn't feeling 100% today so I'm glad he did, so he could do all the work, but every aisle he was saying "Oh, we're out of this" or "I need this".. I told him before going in that we were strictly sticking to our list and we failed miserably. I also forgot to add breakfast bars, gum, beer and gatorade to our list so that was an extra $18 I didn't have down in my total and I under calculated the price for fruit, since ALDI was closed today for Memorial Day. We stopped by Big Lots on the way and their clearance rack was empty. We did get 2 things of juice and a loaf of bread for $5.20 total. That saved us about $2.

The total for Big Lots and Publix this week was $85.57 but we saved $32.57 with coupons and store sales. That included a bottle of All laundry detergent, a bottle of Mens One A Day vitamins, a bottle each of Suave shampoo and conditioner, 12 rolls of Angel Soft paper, Sunlight dish soap, 4 bananas, container of strawberries and 5 apples, 3 bags of veggies, 5 lbs red potatoes, 2 boxes of Raisin Bran cereal, 1 box of Nature Valley breakfast bars, 1 box of Lance crackers, 6 bottles of Gatorade, 6 pack of Coors Light beer, box of Margaritaville frozen shrimp, 2 bottles of Kraft salad dressing, 2 bottles Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, 1 bottle Lawry's marinade, 1 container LLoyds BBQ Pork, a 3 pack of 5 React gum, 2 Clif bars, hamburger buns, Luigis Italian Ice 6 pack, gallon of bleach, 2 bottles of Ocean Spray juice, 1 loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.

That's more than I like to spend but we got a ton of stuff too. And most of those items are not weekly items for us and we are still right on target for our monthly grocery budget. This list also sounds like a bunch of junk, but it will give us 4 meals(I didn't like 1 of them) with sides. I will try to post some of my better weeks on here. Even if you use one .50 coupon, you're doing better than a lot of people out there!

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