Sunday, May 22, 2011

24 weeks

May 12-19, 2011

Inside Madison's skull, the brain is dividing into lobes. All the neurons she will need in a lifetime will be in place this month, although the connections between the nerves will be years in the making. Things are moving along outside the skull, too: Facial features are becoming very distinct and individual, and eyelids and eyebrows are more defined. She is now over 12" long and weighs about a pound and half! She is more aware of sounds now. Loud noises will startle her but she will turn toward soothing noises. She is also becoming familiar with the voices around her.

We had a doctor's appointment on the 16th which showed her heartbeat at 158, which is very normal. The doctor said it can range from 130-170 and be normal anywhere in between. She said my weight and belly measurements are right on track! I am now going to the doctor every 2 weeks instead of 4 and my next appointment will be the glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. My weight is 116(my pre-pregnancy weight!) and my belly measures 34 1/2".

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