Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a girl!!

We had our gender and anatomy ultrasound today! The tech looked at the heart chambers, brain, spine, kidneys, bladder, stomach, hands and feet. She said everything looked perfect! She now weighs 13 ounces and she was measuring September 4 for my due date. The 3rd was my original date. It was such a huge relief that our baby girl is so healthy! Thanks for all of your continued prayers! On to some pictures!

Here's our baby girl's first and hopefully only naked picture! For those of you that can't tell what's going on, that is an upward shot of her lady parts. That is her right thigh at the very bottom. The arrow is pointing to the 3 white lines that proves she's a girl! And above that is her left hip.

Here's our beautiful baby girl's profile picture! The little nose.. those lips! Oh help me!
Another profile picture and this time she's waving! You can also see a good shot of her left ear and her right hand is above her head(you can see her fingers)

And if this isn't the cutest thing, I don't know what is! She yawned twice back to back while on camera and luckily the tech was able to catch one of them! I think we woke her up with all that mashing of the ultrasound tool on my belly. The tech kept trying to get her to roll over by pressing my belly up and down quick. She was laying head down with her face toward my back. She eventually rolled over so we could see her pretty face. The ultrasound pic didn't come out great on that one though. It was very shadowy.
And the cutest little right foot ever!And the cutest left foot to match!
She is a very active little girl, like her daddy! She would hardly sit still for pictures! She was constantly moving her hands and leaning her head back! I made a comment to the tech about being worried about the umbilical cord being so close to her head. At that exact moment, she raised both of her hands and pushed it away from her face! At least she listens a little bit :) We are just elated that everything went so well today! We have decided on a first name but not a middle name and Alan wants to keep it between us and the people we've already told. Hopefully we will come up with a full name soon!

And this is what we did when we left the doctor's office! We had to buy some girly clothes! We got the dress and pajamas from Children's Place and the pink onesie from Gymboree. They were both having great sales! Alan fell in love with the dress and had to have it! We got it in a 6-9 months so hopefully she will be able to wear it this time next year! Maybe it will be her Easter dress!
We then went to a local seasonal consignment shop where everything was 50% off! I went a couple of weeks ago and noticed they had some great looking clothes! We got all of this for $25 and 3 of the outfits still have the store tags on them! The little flower on the white card at the bottom is a hair clip! Maybe our daughter will have a tiny strand we can attach it to!

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