Monday, April 11, 2011

18 weeks! March 31-April 7, 2011

Baby is now the size of a sweet potato! A sweet potato!? I can't believe our baby is growing so fast! He/she has become amazingly mobile passing the hours by hiccuping, yawning, swallowing, twisting, turning, kicking, and sucking.

I had really bad heartburn on the 5th. Took TUMS that night and it helped and I haven't had it since.

On the 6th, I realized those little gurgles in my belly were actually the baby moving and not gas, like I had been thinking. It was exciting to finally realize that that's what it was and I've been feeling it on and off every day since. Sometimes it will be right after I eat and sometimes it will be random with 5 hours in between each movement. You can't feel the movements from the outside yet though but it was sweet that Alan had his hand on my tummy that whole night trying to feel it. Weight this week is 111 and belly measures 32".

On a side note, we had a doctor's appointment this past Friday and everything went really well! We find out the gender on April 22(Good Friday) and we can't wait!

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