Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 weeks - April 21-28, 2011

Madi is now the size of a banana! Her digestive system is busy producing meconium(a tarry black substance made of amniotic fluid, dead cells, and digestive secretion) which will welcome us in her first diaper change! Her womb now contains her lifetime supply of 6 million eggs but will drop to 1 million by birth. She now weighs 3/4 lb and is about 10 1/2 inches long! Her eyebrows and eyelids are now present.

As you all probably read, we found out on April 22 that our little miracle is a girl! It was such a relief to find out that all of her organs looked great and she got great remarks from the Ultrasound tech! I was so emotional all morning.. the anticipation of finding out if she was healthy and the curiosity of wondering if it was a boy or girl.

Another great milestone this week, Easter actually, was that Alan got to feel her kicking! She is so finicky.. Every time I feel her kick, I will put my hand on my belly and she stops. I've called Alan over 15 times when I feel her kicking so he can feel it but then she stops. She was moving around a lot on Easter and I called him over and he finally felt her move! I'm happy that he got to experience a little of what I feel all day every day.

My weight this week is 113.2 and belly is measuring 33".

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