Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Madison's school had an Easter party on Thursday. After their 'tea party' of chicken nuggets, fruit and cookies, they hunted eggs on the playground. She found lots of eggs and a few had Skittles in it, which she was thrilled about.

Saturday, we had planned on going to the local State Park to their Easter Egg Hunt but it was pouring rain. We decided to take her to Toys R Us instead. They had a parade around the store at 1 and they got to have pictures taken with Geoffrey, which she had no part of. She was terrified.

That night, we dyed Easter eggs.
Sunday, they checked out their surprises from the Easter bunny
Madison got a kite, new cups, snacks, jelly beans and new shoes.

Riley got some books and a teether.

..and then read a story with Dad.

Riley played with her new teether

 Alan took Madison to church. They released butterflies before the service.

 After church, we went to Alan's mom's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

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