Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon for todays So What! and I'm saying So What if..

..we took the plunge and got rid of satellite and bought a Roku(with Netflix and Hulu). Our bill was going up literally every month and every month I was on the phone with them getting yet another promotion to keep our bill 'affordable'. $107 is too much for tv. We hooked up Roku Sunday night and played with it a while and then decided to call DirectTV to cancel. I DVRd way too many shows. So many that I would just delete half of them. I don't have a lot of time to watch tv anyway. Alan will not be able to watch Dallas which he's upset about and we have to figure out how to get sports. Paying $16/month versus $107 is worth it to me though! Madison has a TON of cartoons and movies between the 2 apps so she won't be lacking at all.  I have started Parenthood from Season 1 and am now on the 5th episode. We started Lost from Season1 last night and watched 2 episodes. We are liking it so far! complain about something to customer service, it doesn't make a difference. I set up a medical bill to autodraft every month and then we decided to pay it off after 1 payment came out. The next month, another autodraft came out for the bill that had a zero balance. I call to ask about it and they said it would be 4 weeks to get my refund!! FOUR.WEEKS to get a refund from a bill that should have never been drafted to begin with! The lady I spoke with said she would try to rush the process. I talked to her last Wednesday and I called back this Monday to check the status.. Yeah, 4 weeks. She said they send a paper request to Tennessee and then TN sends a check to the hospital and they have to send it to me. So aggravated!

..both of the girls are going through a crazy sleeping schedule. Riley has barely napped at all today(except 1 hour) and Madison is fighting with all of her might to not go to sleep. Every nap and bedtime for the past week or more has been torture. She cries, says she has to 'potty'(even though she went 4 times before laying down) and just flat out refuses to go down easily.. I don't know what's going on or how to fix it. We've gone from giving her lots of toys, books, blankets, rags, shoes and stuffed animals to cutting it back to her Minnie, ladybug and 1 book. Sigh....

What are you saying So What to?


  1. We did this last year! We now have Dish, but are thinking about going back to it once our contract is up. It's really nice having it.

    1. Why did you go back to DIsh? Is it weird that I'm worried we will do the same thing? I love that we will be saving so much money but I'm worried we will start missing our shows that we can't watch now.


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