Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy 3 months, Riley!

-she is seriously the happiest baby! I love hearing her laugh and she smiles a lot.

-rolled from belly to back March 31(12 weeks old) and has done it once since then.

-adores Madison even more. If Madison is nearby, she looks around to find her. It's so cute! 


Size 1 diapers. 3 months clothes.
Goes to bed around 7 and the entire month almost she didn't wake until 3am, then 6am and up for the day around 8am.. This last week, she's added getting up at 12am back into the mix. I'm hoping it's just a growth spurt and she will skip that 12am waking sooner rather than later! 
She gets up at 8am and typically naps from 10am-11:30am then 1pm-3:30pm eats and goes back down until around 5:30pm. 
Hates tummy time but will lay in the floor on her back or side for a while. She's very good about being content on her own, as long as she's fed and not sleepy.
Starting to grip and grab toys better.


She gaining such a little personality. I love seeing the love between her and Madison. Madison says a lot that "Riley is my best friend" and "My favorite sister".. It's really sweet.  We love her so much!

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