Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

-Our printer stopped printing black ink after replacing the cartridge last week. Alan called Epson and looks
like it is under warranty and they are sending us another printer! Thank goodness. I have so many emails and blog things I need to print. I'm so behind!

-Still loving Roku. I am on the 2nd season of Parenthood already and we are about to be on the 2nd season of Lost. Madison really likes Daniel Tiger on PBS and PBS has it's own channel on Roku.  Now if Netflix would get with it and get new released movies the day they are released, it would be really nice. Also, how can DirecTV offer us a package for $26 now that we've disconnected? Why couldn't they ever get our bill lower than $95 when we actually had service? They were always SO thankful we were customers for so long but never wanted to lower our bill. I called them today to ask about what we needed to return and the lady told me that I could keep or recycle our additional box from the bedroom "in case we want to return soon".. I quickly asked where to recycle it at and she told me to toss it in the trash. First off, doesn't this contain material you shouldn't just 'toss in the trash'? She got real snippety when I asked about recycling it. Sorry, lady! Unless you can get my bill to $16/month, I won't be coming back anytime soon.

-So I ordered some stuff online Sunday night. I got an email Monday that 4 of the 8 items I ordered had shipped. Then Tuesday I got another email that 1 of the remaining 4 had shipped. Why are they shipping them like that and isn't that more costly? The boxes, shipping, packaging material, time, etc.. I have 3 items left to ship out. I'm in no hurry for these items and I don't understand why they did this. I did pay $8 for shipping but the first box is a pretty good size. Weird to me.

-We are going to have to bite the bullet and put Riley down not swaddled soon. I attempted it Wednesday for her first nap. She cried 25 minutes and slept 30. She normally sleeps an hour at that time. Then when it was time for her long afternoon nap, I put her down and she screamed. I gave in and swaddled her and she fell right to sleep and slept her normal few hours. Her arms and legs flail around so much, she keeps herself awake. I also put Madison down at the same time so that's the hard part of putting her down screaming. She will keep Madison up. Madison was 5 months before we stopped swaddling her but Riley seems so much bigger than Madison that she's outgrowing these swaddles quickly and I don't want to buy anymore just to not use them in a month or two.

-I have decided I need a ton of these Allium to plant around the house. Love.them. They are very Horton Meets a Who.

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