Friday, July 15, 2011

32 weeks

July 9-16

By now, Madison is 3.75 lbs and 16.7" long. She will gain about half of her birth weight over the next 7 weeks. She now has toenails, fingernails and hair! Her skin is becoming more smooth. Everywhere online says I will gain a pound a week from here on out.. Whoa.

We got the wall art up this week. We also took a Prepared Childbirth class at the hospital last Saturday. It helped us learn labor symptoms, what to expect during the birthing process, they showed us the birthing center and taught us the security measures and what to expect if you have an emergency c-section. We got the joy of watching a video of a woman delivering a baby and the process she went through up until she delivered.

We also had my 32 week 6 day checkup today and things went really well. The doctor said my belly, blood pressure and weight look great. Madison's heart rate was in the high 130s. We go back in 2 weeks and then every week until delivery after that. It's getting closer! We also found out we have been switching weeks on the wrong days - Thursdays instead of Saturdays. I asked the nurse to tell me again what my due date was based on my period and she said September 2 but my first ultrasound measured September 7. She said since I was sure about the first day of my last period, the doctors left it as September 3. Long story short, due date hasn't changed and is still September 3 and we are now changing our weeks on Saturdays instead of Thursdays like we have been. Confusing enough? :) My weight this week is 122.2 and I gained a full inch in my belly, bringing me up to 37"!

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