Friday, August 19, 2016

Back door painted!

After finishing up the landscaping rocks/mulch, we moved on to the next project - sanding, priming and painting the backdoor! Alan painted our front door black last summer or the summer before.. So we decided to paint the back door black to match!

all sanded and ready to be primed

all primed and white trim painted

all done! We wanted some white trim to match the window panes

The next couple of weeks we will be preparing and having Madison's 5th Birthday and party and then September holds our 10th anniversary which includes a weekend trip plus Alan is taking Madison on her first tent camping trip, so I'm not sure how many house projects will get done in September.. Maybe some small things. October is just as busy!  The Fall/winter we will focus on the inside and planting privacy trees and  fruit bushes/trees. Love getting projects done!

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