Monday, August 22, 2016

Our dollhouse project!

Remember that easy project I mentioned last week? I keep forgetting to blog about this one..

A coworker of Alan's gave our girls this dollhouse. Apparently, someone built it for her when she was little. Well, she got married recently and was cleaning out. She thought our girls would enjoy playing with it and told us to fix it up how we wanted.

I didn't get a picture of it before I ripped all the flooring and wallpaper out. It is in great shape and even has electricity! She included a huge tote with accessories. You name it, it's in there! Most of them are wood and pretty delicate and I don't let the girls play with them. I'm hoping to buy plastic furniture that they can tear up if they want. If we ever give it back to the original owner, I want to give her back the furniture in one piece!

My plan is to:

-repaint the outside, including the trim and shutters. Sage green or gray with white or black shutters.

-replace damaged cedar shingles on the roof or completely replace them with asphalt shingles.

-possibly make new curtains for each room

-buy all new people/furniture/accessories

I will post some pictures as I go along..

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