Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday

-Preschool starts less than a week away! This will be Madison's last year of preschool before big school next year! How is that possible?! It's been a great and fast Summer! The girls have played together so good. It seemed relatively easy. I'm loving this stage of their lives.

-Preparing for Madison's party. This one is low key! Renting a water slide inflatable, easy food/drink and decor! Finishing up getting everything this weekend hopefully! How is she almost 5, ya'll?!

-Alan and I had date night this past weekend to celebrate his and my birthdays combined. It was really nice to get away and I don't think there was a quiet moment the entire 4 hours we were gone. We even ordered sushi and liked it! :)

-made some freezer meals yesterday for this week. I forget how quick and easy they are! I used to do lots of freezer meals before the kids but after doing 6 meals in 30 minutes today, I think I may start adding some in every week! The recipes are HERE

-tackling these two at the salon later for hair cuts! Madison is in desperate need and I'm not sure what Riley will look like yet.. depends on my mood, I supposed :)

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