Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Landscaping, done!

Ya'll, we finished a project! We now have landscaping mat, black mulch and landscaping rocks all around the house! With the exception of flanking the sidewalk with them and working under the deck overhang, we.are.done!

 It is on the list to add a border to the inside of the sidewalk..

now to pressure wash that stain ..

 Yes, it's supposed to not be a straight line....

Maybe a new sandbox should go on the wish list...

And now the wish list to finish up right around the house.. because I love a good wish list.

flanking sidewalk rocks(only on the mulch side)..

and a/c cover of some sort

a hose holder for both sides of the house

Projects on the immediate list:
- painting the back doors black and the trim white. Hopefully starting this week.
- working on wallpapering the dollhouse that we have. More on that to come :) 
- getting ready for Madison's 5th(!!!) birthday party.

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