Friday, July 22, 2016

Five on Friday - House things and a busy Summer

A lot going on! This is a long read ;)

(one) I can't believe preschool starts back in right at a month. This Summer has flown by! We have had lots of play dates, library/splash pad meetups and the girls are all around getting along and playing so well together. They will go play in the playroom for bits at a time so I can get stuff done!

(two) We finished up Bloodline Season 2. It was really good and I'm so glad they decided to make a 3rd Season. If you're looking for a Netflix show, watch it. It does have cussing but the plot is great! Season 2 was so very stressful and a nail biter! When the last episode was over, we both just sat there and looked at each other like "Well, what do we do now?!" While we wait on Longmire to return for Season 5 in September, we started 24. With 197 episodes left, I think it may get us to September ;) It's pretty good and has picked up some action.

(three) We have been working hard on our yard! Adding landscaping fabric, new mulch and putting in landscaping rocks and river rocks has made a huge difference. It may be taking us forever, but we are aiming to be completely done by next week! Then we will be working on painting the back door black!

Been working on this side of the house for the last couple of weeks. You can't really see them, but there are 3 pink plants behind the Iris. I'm hoping they grow thick enough to cover all of those boxes on the house!

Going from this...
hard to believe this was less than a year and half ago!

to this is a drastic change..We just put down river rock under the a/c pipe and the gutter spout. Now to get a hose holder and this side will be complete!
The green bushes in the back are all gardenias and doing very well.  
The little ones in the front are pansy.

(four) We have started party planning for Madison. We decided that since she had so much fun on a water inflatable slide that a friend had rented(she slid for 3 hours straight!), we would go that route this year. She's been begging for another Pump it Up party but we made the decision for her. I mean, why have one 2 hour party when you can rent this for 3 days?! She mentioned it again and we finally told her and she was excited! Whew! She's also requested the theme be PJ Masks(a Disney Junior cartoon that has 3 superheros on it)

(five) I have recently fell back in love with Pinterest. I've always loved it but now I'm on it at night pinning yard/house ideas, PJ Masks party ideas and whatnot. It feels so good to pin something, do it and go back and delete it. Maybe that's just the OCD in me ;) Also found my love for Amazon wishlists again. I'm constantly adding things to our House wishlist. Easy to add when I'm thinking about it and that way I can go back when I want to buy it and it's there!

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