Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy 9 months Madison!

I finally got some video of Madison dancing as I said she learned in her 8 month post. We were at the library and I was holding her up and videoing so sorry her head is chopped off. I couldn't get her legs and her head at the same time..

May 7 - 35 weeks
We bought some Mum Mums for her to try. They are little rice cereal snacks that she can feed herself and she did good. These are big like crackers. We tried Puffs on May 12 and she loves them! It has also helped convince her to crawl/scoot. See video below.

May 17 - 36 weeks
We love when she belly laughs so when she does it at something we do, we do it until she gets tired of it!
I also try to get it on video :) Don't mind Cameron meowing halfway through.

May 23 - 37 weeks
We finally took away the pool noodle because she learned how to scoot on her own!

May 23 - 37 weeks
She has also learned how to go from sitting up to crawling position. She has mastered this and is very quick at it now!

May 31- 38 weeks
Alan's mom went to story/music time at the library with us. Here they are dancing!

June 4- 38 weeks
I found a recipe for edible finger paints online and we decided she would love it.
We were right haha She didn't paint with it so much as just pouring it out and chewing on the container :)

 Found this cute party hat while shopping for ideas for her 1st birthday party(which will be September 8 2-4pm so write it down!)

June 3 - 38 weeks
We took her to the park to swing for the first time. She laughed the first few times and then realized she was sleepy and started fussing..



Even though this should wait for her 10th month post, I had to share! 
The Pedi gave us the okay to start giving her meat/protein so I gave her a little ground chuck,
diced grapes and nectarines. She didn't like the meat but we need to really work on her feeding herself, other than Puffs. She kept making faces so we decided to give her baby food and let her work with using the spoon. Alan would put the food on the spoon and she would grab it and put it in her mouth and gnaw on it until the food was gone.. A few times she even tapped the jar with the spoon when she was done. We decided we will keep doing this until she's mastering it and hopefully soon understanding how to get the food on the spoon herself. It's a very messy process but we think she has a lot of fun doing it and I know it makes her feel independent. We went through 6 spoons, 5 paper towels and 2 burp clothes in 1 jar of food.. :)

She learned how to dance, clap, army crawl, roll over to a crawl, eat Mum Mums, feed herself Puffs and reach out to someone during her 8th month! She can even wave bye bye when she wants to. She is so smart and I can't wait to see what she learns in her 9th month!

Here is her schedule:
9am: up and eat 9-12oz milk
11am: story, nap
12pm: 1/2 jar baby food, 5 oz milk
1pm: story, nap
3pm: 1/2 jar baby food, 5 oz milk
4:30: story, nap
5pm: 9 oz milk
5:30: story, nap
6pm: food from our plate, fruit in her mesh feeder
7pm: jar baby food, 3 oz milk
7:30: bath, story, bed

We took her for her 9 month wellness check- no shots, yay! The pedi was really pleased with her growth and health! Here are her stats:
weight - 17.47 lbs (38%)
height - 28.25" (75 %)

She amazes us every day. She is so smart and funny. She loves to focus in on things and stare at them a while. She has such a big personality and is so very happy. She loves songs and funny noises and loves it when Alan sings Old MacDonald to her, even over the phone she grins from ear to ear. Her laugh is our drug and we try to make her laugh as much as we can. She loves the animals and anytime they are within arms reach, she reaches out for them. We love her so much!

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