Saturday, June 16, 2012

Instagram Saturday...

Here are the latest Instagram pictures I've taken. If you don't follow me, my username is alanandcrystal

Yard sale finds. $3 total! 
A hippo riding toy, a toy camera and the See and Say.

Play time

Found this Super Grover at Target. Alan's favorite character as a child(and still) 
so of course, we had to get it.

This is a wild woman! She won't stay still! 

Breakfast of nectarines one morning this week.

I have no idea where she gets her amazing lashes from.. and those gorgeous eyes are going to have the boys swooning.. when shes 45 of course.

 Another breakfast shot. Fruit and Cheerios

Cute cowgirl hat at Old Navy. As you see, she wouldn't keep it on. 

Eating blueberries from her Nimmie's bushes

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