Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy 8 months, Madison!

She started "dancing" at 31 weeks! It's so cute! I haven't gotten a video yet of it but she will stand up with our help and bend her knees. It's really cute!

 She went through a 2 week period around 32 weeks where she was waking up at 7am and playing or talking to herself. She would end up falling back to sleep but then by that time I was wide awake! Thank goodness she stopped!

34 weeks -  During story time, she started clapping. When did she learn this?! She also didn't want to sit down during the stories being read.. Just wanted to stand the whole time. If I sat her down in my lap, she would push herself up. Did she grow overnight?!

We have cut back to 2 jars of food a day- 2 oz at breakfast, 2 oz at lunch and 4 oz at supper. Peaches still seem to be her favorite.  I took this picture of her at 34 weeks while feeding her peaches. By the time I get the spoon back to the jar, she's already got her mouth wide open! It's so cute :)

She also loves her mesh teether. Her favorites in it are strawberries and frozen bananas. I usually give it to her while me and Alan are eating supper so she is content until she eats.

This was taken at my mom's before they left for church today. We spent the night at my mom's Saturday night and she kept Madison while we went to a golf tournament. Mama took her to church today and said she did great! Even helped play hand bells!

She seems to be growing overnight sometimes! She talks all the time, except when other people are around. We have a shy little butterfly! She gets sweeter and sweeter and she's so funny! We are working on her crawling. She doesn't seem to want to get up on her knees and just wants to roll onto her back when we put her on her tummy. When we hold her tummy off the floor, she moves her feet real fast. She's getting the idea but we have a little ways to go! I will never sit down when she figures it out!

Here's a video of her laughing!

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