Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playtime with Madison - 8.5 months

 Thought I would give a glimpse of what Madison's playtime looks like. I lay down a blanket
and throw a ton of her toys on it so she can play with whatever she wants. I sit in 
the floor with her and go over the toys and name colors with her.
I will add that it's hard to get an in focus picture of a baby that won't sit still...

How does one baby get so pretty?

The beginning.. Lots of toys!

 She chooses her paci first.. Everything ends up on her right side.

Swinging it around..

 The start of the pile

She played with the doll a while...

 ..then down she goes.

Fun taggy blanket guessed it!

 Playing with the barn

and as always, everything gets taste tested.


Sweet baby girl! 
If you look close, you can see the white in her bottom gums.. 
We are thinking teeth will pop in in the next few weeks.

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