Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day recap

This year was obviously very special for me, being my 1st Mother's Day, excluding last year when I was pregnant. Alan left me 3 sealed envelopes and told me to pick one. I picked one and it said that we would go to the place we got married - Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Then eat at Texas Roadhouse, which is one of  my favorites. We had just went to Charlotte last weekend to stay at my mom's and go to the Wells Fargo golf tournament, so I promised to go next year when Madison can also enjoy it a bit more. I decided to open the next envelope (I'm such a bad surprise getter) It said we would go to Hendersonville, NC -one of our favorite little mountain towns to go to, go eat at Binions, get a caramel apple at Kilwins and come back home to go strawberry picking. We had just went to Hendersonville a couple of weeks ago for a day trip so I opted for the last envelope.. This man knows me well though. He's picking all my favorite places to go, eat and things I have mentioned doing! The last envelope said we would do a picnic at a local park and then go to the local zoo. Mother Nature, however, did not like this idea and decided to rain all day :( We decided to head to where the zoo was(about 45 minutes away) anyway. It was around 11am when we left so we made a pit stop at Denny's for a late breakfast. It kept raining so we decided to go walk around the mall, after a stop by Starbucks. We walked around the mall then went by another store and then headed to Alan's mom's to eat supper. I don't feel too terrible for picking the other 2 envelopes since the rain would have ruined all of our plans, since they were all outdoors. Here are some pictures from yesterday!


4 Generations - Gimmie, Nimmie, Alan and Madison

Being a mom is the best thing ever. I never knew I could love and care for a person the way I do her. My whole world has changed. She is so special to us and words can't describe what she means to us. A big thanks to my sweet hubby for planning out things for me to do and the sweet cards from him, Madison and our animals. I'm so blessed to have the perfect husband and daughter and 5 of the craziest, sweetest animals anybody can have.

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