Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 5 months Madison!

January 8 - We let her try baby food today. Banana and mango! She didn't do great with it this day but has been doing a lot better with it ever since. She had about 2 tablespoons of it and then drank her normal 7 oz of milk. She has since tried apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears & raspberries and seems to enjoy all of it and has no allergic reaction to any of it! She is now eating a half jar at supper time followed by 4-5 oz of milk. Though it is not a clean process as seen below! :)

18 weeks 6 days

 19 weeks 1 day

January 15 - she started lifting her head up when laying on her back. We thought maybe she was ready to roll from back to front but she hasn't. She will flip to her side when laying down but won't roll over. She did, however, roll over from back to front while swaddled. We will keep working on it when she's unswaddled.

January 21 - Her Papaw and Nana (Alan's dad and stepmom) watched her for the first time so we could go on a date to our favorite Chinese restaurant, PF Changs. We were only gone 2 1/2 hours but they said she did really well!

January 30 - Took her to our local library for story time. She didn't pay much attention since all the kids were running wild but it was fun for me. I also picked up some books for her to read. We went back that Thursday(2nd) and liked that one better. There were a lot more kids, the kids were a lot less wild and the teacher was louder and sang more songs. I also picked up about 17 books for her. I think we will start going to that one every week, and I will get 25 books every week, which lasts right at a week. This girl loves to read! Here we are at story time:

February 3- Operation Getting Madison to sleep BACK in her crib started. She was sleeping good in her crib until we went on vacation. We aren't sure if sleeping in her bassinet for 3 nights threw her off or what but she would go to bed in her crib and wake up within 2 hours and would cry if we put her back in it. So for all 3 of us to get rest, we put her in her Rock n Play by the bed and she would sleep the entire night! We tried putting her in her Pack n Play one night and she slept fine but she wiggled around so much, she may as well had been awake because we didn't sleep much. So we made a plan of one of us sleeping in her room until she is sleeping good in her crib. We have started out by surrounding her in rolled up blankets and a blanket under her head, to mimic the Rock n Play.

Night 1(Friday) wasn't horrible. She got up every couple of hours wiggling around and I had to end up picking her up twice.

Night 2, Alan stayed in her room so I could rest and he said she got up at 12, 12:30, 1 and at 1:30 she got up and wouldn't go back to bed until 3. Then slept till 5, then got up at 7 and then 9 for the day.

Night 3(last night) she didn't nap much during the day so she went to bed right at 7:30(we had been trying to keep her up until 8) and didn't wake up until 11:30. She did the 30 minute thing like night 2 but I didn't pick her up one time. I just patted on her and gave her her paci back, if she had dropped it. I just woke her up from a 2 hour nap in her crib, which is huge. I'm sure she won't sleep well tonight because of it but she was just worn out!

Here are some pictures of her throughout the month:

We bought her this really cool sippy cup that had handles and was removable so we can put her bottles in it. Now baby can feed herself! I think it makes her feel like a big girl and it also helps us!
18 weeks 5 days

 In her daddy's Darth Vadar shirt when he was a little boy.
19 week 2 days

Is this not the cutest? Princess Madison.
19 weeks 6 days

Sound asleep, all smiles. Dreaming of milk probably.
 21 weeks 2 days

As said above, she is holding her head up when laying flat. We think she's really trying to roll over but just can't get the hang of it yet. We are also working on her sitting up. She can sometimes balance for just a second before tipping over.

She is also eating a 1/2 jar of baby food at supper followed by 4-5 oz of milk.  Her favorite seems to be apples and pears. The doctor suggested a half jar with 2 Tbsp cereal twice a day but I don't like how she struggles to potty. So I have taken the cereal out. Plus the rice doesn't fill her up any more. She still wants milk behind it.  I may put her back on just plain food twice a day this week, without the cereal.

She is still talking a lot! She is also smiling at other people a lot more. At first it was just me and Alan but now she's smiling at just about everyone she sees. Little booger!

She is now into 3-6 months clothing, even though 3 months still fit, the sleeves and pants are too short. I have signed up to consign some of her clothes in March and am looking forward to getting rid of the 2 trash bags we have, even though it will be bittersweet.. She is still in Size 3 diapers. I had to buy my first pack of diapers 2 weeks ago. I bought a pack of 96 and will need to get another pack this week. It's crazy! For all of you mama's reading, Target's brand Up & Up work just as good as Huggies and were $7 cheaper for the same amount of diapers(maybe even a little more).

Here's what our daily schedule is looking like here lately:

Up between 8-9, sometimes 10. - Eat 7 oz milk
Naps every 2 hours - anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. I always read a book before nap time.
Eats 7 oz every 3 hours
Last meal at 6:30pm - half jar baby food and 4 oz milk
Bath at 7 or 7:30 every other day
Read 2 books
Bed between 7:30-8

-between naps and eating, we play music(Barney station on Pandora) dance, work on her rolling over and sitting up. I also let her watch 10-20 minutes of tv(BabyFirst channel) so I can do whatever I need to do. Once a week we go to the library for story time and get books.

Looking forward to this next month. My mom will be watching her for an entire day coming up in the next couple of weeks and her 6 month(!!!!) checkup is on March 8. I am hoping by the next blog she will be rolling over from back to belly and maybe trying to sit up more.

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