Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another goal done..

Along with this goal comes a cleaning schedule. I hate cleaning the entire house in one day and with me not working, the last thing Alan needs to do is help clean on the weekend. I have made a daily cleaning schedule so its something I can do daily and by the weekend, all cleaning and laundry is done.

I got my cleaning schedule printed out and have been following it for a few weeks now. It really helps break up the chores and Alan doesn't have to do anything when he gets home or on the weekends-the way it should be if one person stays home, in my opinion. I got mad at him Saturday when I came home to clothes in the washer. I told him that I do that and he's messing up my routine! :) I have tried to not wash clothes on the weekends so we both can kind of chill out but sometimes we need to, and he took it upon his self to wash 2 loads while I was out to lunch with Amanda. I don't kill myself trying to stick to this schedule because some days Madison will sleep 3-4 hours and some days I am lucky if she sleeps 30 minutes all day. So on the days that she naps, I may do the next days chores or if I don't get today's chores done today, they will get done tomorrow. I thought I would blog my schedule since I have seen some of my friends pinning cleaning schedules on Pinterest. Here it is:

Monday -Dust entire house. Clean all windows and mirrors. Clean litterbox. Wash jeans. Vacuum

Tuesday - Sweep and mop living room, dining room, laundry room and hall. (Sounds like a lot but most of our living room is a rug)  Wash Alan's shirts and colors.

Wednesday -Clean both bathrooms. Toilet, counters, tubs, shower and sweep and mop. Clean litterbox. Wash towels. Dust entire house. Vacuum.

Thursday - Wash Madison's clothes and our bed sheets. Sweep living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room and hall.

Friday - Sweep and mop kitchen. Wipe all surfaces including cabinet doors and microwave. Wash colors and whites. Vacuum.

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