Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday!
(one) Week 2 of Summer is officially done! We have had a few play dates, had some low-key stay at home days and some errand days. Nothing crazy busy yet! Trying to pace our activities ;) I will post a bit when we have some fun activities going on.

(two) heading to the beach for a few nights next week. We haven't been to Myrtle Beach in over 10 years...prior to kids! I bet it has changed so much. The last time the kids went to the beach, Madison was 3 and Riley was just around 6 months. Madison hated the 'dirty' sand and wouldn't play in it. This year, they've mentioned going back. Since they play together so well, I'm hoping they will play in the sand. If they hate it, Myrtle has so much to offer. Otherwise, we'd go to Edisto or Litchfield..  ;)

(three) a lady in our neighborhood hosted a Meet & Greet last night for the women of our neighborhood. When we moved out here in 2008, we were 1 of 6 houses here. There are now around 25 houses with 2 more currently being built. It was really nice to meet some ladies that are my age with kids our kids ages and a few of them are starting the same kindergarten in the Fall as Madison. Hoping to get some types of meet ups or clubs going with this.

(four) I have been an organizing crazy woman lately. I organized our file bin by ordering colored hanging file folders and new folders. I made categories with my label maker (taxes, auto, medical, etc) and then made labels and put them on the beige folder for the subcategories. It's made a world of difference for me as far as filing EOBs, donation receipts and car info.

I also cleared out all the plastic kid plates and silverware. This freed up an entire shelf. While I was at it, I cleaned out the medicine cabinets, donated appliances I never use(hello Fry Daddy). At the end of it, I donated TWO 33 gallon trash bags of kitchen stuff to the local thrift store. Next up-getting the hundreds of pictures written on and put into albums!

 (five) Madison requested another inflatable water slide for her birthday this year again. I am SO glad! For the cost of a 2 hour party somewhere, we can rent this for 3 days! She has also requested a mermaid theme.. This will be a fun one!

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