Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beach trip Summer 2017

We got down to Myrtle Beach after 4:00 on Wednesday, June 7. The resort was super nice! It is freezing out. We get unpacked just in time for happy hour. Free drinks and snacks. We sit downstairs for a bit and enjoy that and then walk on the beach. The girls love it!

We get cleaned up and head down to check out the hotel we have booked for Thanskgiving. Then we stop by a California Pizza and eat. After that, we eat ice cream next door at Kirk's ice cream parlor. Then it's bedtime!

Thursday-  we get up and eat breakfast. It's still cold out so we decide to head to Broadway at the Beach and walk around. We decide to go in Ripley's aquarium to see the mermaid show, which the girls LOVED.

Friday- It's finally warm enough for a beach day! After breakfast, we head out and the girls play in the water and sand for 6 hours!!

After getting cleaned up, we ride around and find Myrtle Manor. We used to watch this show when it was out. No shame ;)

 Saturday- another warm day so another day spent on the beach! After that, we head to Broadway at the Beach so the girls can ride the rides. They ride them for about 5 hours and we leave there at 11:30pm. Their longest day ever! They had a lot of fun on them.

We found a Grinch cup! Anybody that knows Riley, knows she LOVES The Grinch!

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