Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Madison's class egg hunt and party was last Wednesday. 25 kids found around 300 eggs in roughly 2 minutes ;) Afterward, they had snack on blankets in the grass.

That afternoon, the library had an egg hunt that I took the girls to..

Friday was Yoga day.. The Instructor held class in a little garden outside Riley's class so I got to witness her participating.. She did pretty well and this pictures is classic! I think I caught her blinking but it looks like she's saying "Ommmmm" :)

After Yoga, the kids had snack in their class and then an egg hunt.

Sunday morning, they girls woke up to their baskets.. books, matching pajamas, chocolate chicks and water beads.

 Then church..

..and home to dye eggs.. After that, it was a lazy day. The past couple of weeks and weekends have been super busy so we enjoyed the down time!

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