Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Monday it rained all day! We watched lots of tv until we were able to go out around 4:30. our favorite indoor McDonald's playground..

Tuesday, we met some friends at the children's museum to play.. 

After that, I took them to my moms to spend the night with her. 
I came home, rested and met a friend for supper. 

My foot is getting much better.
The left pic is Saturday after it happened and the right is Tuesday night.  
Wednesday- I sleep in until 9! It was glorious! I start the morning with laundry before the rain, cleaning out the fridge by shredding and freezing cheese, freezing yogurt, blanching and freezing carrots and making homemade croutons from bread heels and crust, so none of it goes bad while on vacation.. Tons of rain mid-morning but many errands to run. 

I get home around 4 and start laying out clothes and packing for our 4 day trip. My mom brings the girls home around 5:30 and both are exhausted! She also brings one of my favorites-chicken spaghetti!

I put the girls to bed around 6:30, heat up supper and turn on some tv! Time to chill out!  Looking forward to some time together at one of our favorites spots, Montreat, NC. 

Thursday-Alan's flight got switched around due to the heavy storms in Atlanta on Wednesday night. Luckily, he could get a flight into Charlotte and drove over from there in a rental car. Meanwhile, I take Alan's mom to the airport here to pick up Alan's truck and bring it back home. Me and the girls leave for Asheville after that while she heads back to our house. We get to Asheville about 30 minutes before Alan and find a Target to stop in. When he's at the airport, we pick him up and head to Montreat. We check in a little early, get settled in and then head to the Asheville Mall to let the girls play on their playground. We play mini bowling and arcade games at Fun Depot then head back to the pizza place in Black Mountain and then all head to bed early! 

Friday- up and ate breakfast at Montreat. Back up to the room and I take a nap while the girls play and Alan works some. We leave and go into Asheville to eat BBQ and then to Fun Depot where the girls play on their playground. After a few hours, we head back to Montreat and hang out in the lobby while the girls play.. 
Around 6, we go to Coach House seafood. We eat and then head back for bedtime. 

Saturday- the girls oversleep(until 8!) so it's too late for breakfast at the Inn. We go eat at Louise's in a Black Mountain around 11. After that, I drive Madison and Alan up to hike around Lookout Mountain and me and Riley head back into Black Mountain and walk around. I find a Patagonia sling bag, a gift for a friend, a neat crust cutter for Riley and we stop for a smoothie, coffee and a cookie. 
We get done and go pick up Madison and Alan and head to the playground at Montreat
They spend 2 hours on the playground and we head into Black Mountain to Take a Hike. They're having a great sale but the kiddos never gave us a chance to look longer than 5 minutes. We lucked up on some items and then head into Asheville to spend the balance of their money at Fun Depot arcade games and eat at Papas and Beer. After that, we head back for bed!

Sunday- up and eat breakfast and go back to pack and leave. We are home at 11am! 

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