Friday, March 31, 2017

Goings on..

Lots of busyness the past week or two!

The girl's preschool hosted their great little "city" last week. The girls had so much fun! This is one of the big events of the year! There's a grocery store, car wash, Home Depot, science lab, art lab and a vet office.

I have been slacking on painting the laundry room since the last blog update! It is on the list for the next week, along with organizing pictures and putting into albums and organizing my online photos to get ready for Chatbooks to print. (use my referral code HERE)

 Spring Break is next week for the girls. We have some day activities planned and will be going to Montreat for a couple of days.

We have also booked a beach trip for June. We will take 4 nights in Myrtle Beach! We haven't been in 3 years and the last time we did go, Madison didn't like it. Riley was a baby so she didn't have a say.. So if they don't like the beach, Myrtle offers a ton of other options :)

I am finishing up Brothers and Sisters on Hulu. I have around 20 episodes left...and we started a new series on Netflix called The Following. It's so good!


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