Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weekend house projects!

We strayed from our ongoing to-do list over the Winter. This weekend, we started back and actually completed 1!

We also got some Leyland Cypress from Costco that will be planted in our back corner this week.

We are repainting and remodeling the laundry room. This includes painting the door that we come in from the garage, and the garage closet doors black. We are repainting the laundry room the same color but will be switching out the light. Lowering or replacing the shelf and adding some art and storage bins.
 The current state.


When our HE washers die, I am going back to top loaders. Not a big fan of the HE washers.
With that said, I love this shelf right behind the washers. Somewhere to sit detergent, a lamp and some pretty stuff. The only negative with our room is our security system 'brain' is right behind/above the dryer so a shelf going all the way across wouldn't work. I would love to be able to hide that brain though. 

love these as detergent dispensers

Replacing the light with something like one of these..

We also painted the door leading into the house from the garage black.

The other project that is now completed is our crawl space door! We worked hard the past couple of years on the landscaping border. This weekend, we picked some square and rectangle stones in the matching color. Put them in, topped with paver sand, bought some more border rocks and mulch and ta-da! Now to paint that door black to match everything else...

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