Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday, Riley!

Yesterday was Riley's 3rd birthday! Her party got postponed on Saturday because of the snow, so we will have her rescheduled party in a couple of weeks :)

She started by having a special snack at school on Friday. Doughnut holes, Pirate Booty and grapes.

Her birth day and the 3 birthdays after.

Bubble Guppies Rock N Roll

We took her to Toys R Us and let her pick out a few toys. She picked a roaring dinosaur, a big plastic beetle and a family that she can play in their dollhouse with.

We went to church and she even got to go to Children's Church since there was no nursery. After that, we went to eat pizza where she ate 2 plates of food!

We then had to go get Madison's glasses fixed at the mall, so the girls picked out cookies and on the way home, we stopped and got some cake.

It's been a fast 3 years. We've watched Riley become even more funny! Girl is SO funny! She has also learned to stick up for herself around other kids! She's so sweet that she was letting kids just run over her. Now, she's defending herself and I love it! She is smart and sweet and kind. She loves playing with little figurines and pretend play. Her and Madison are best friends one minute and not the next. They play together really well 90% of the time. She loves to eat food and eat most of what I give her. She loves fruit, especially grapes and strawberries. She is very emotional and can cry if you look at her wrong but is overall VERY happy. Everyone that meets her, loves her! Happy Birthday, Riley! We love you!!

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