Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Getting more organized!

People always say I am super organized.. I feel like I am but I feel like my day to day can get crazy.  Between things that happen every week to morning errands or appointments, I needed one place versus the "week ahead" chalkboard I filled out every week, the paper calendar and my phone calendar.

I found the Reminder Binder on Amazon (link here). It was in the price range I wanted to spend since I was unsure if I would stick with it. I like that it came with a ton of stickers, daily pages and a month view. 

After some Pinterest searching, I got a couple rolls of washi tape, some extra stickers, pens, white out and post its... I found this cute bag at Michaels for $1.50. It says "I've Got This!". There were lots of great reviews for THESE pens on Amazon.  They are working great!

I really liked the idea of everything having it's own color. That way, at quick glance, I know who/what it's for, without having to write down "Madison" "Riley" etc. I made a list of what categories I wanted and gave each a color. I gave Madison, Riley and Alan their favorite colors to make that easier. I saw somewhere online where someone labeled each pen with what it stands for. This will make it easy to grab.

Instead of writing each event in the pen color, I write it in blue and put the colored square beside it. I like how uniform it looks. Below you can see how crazy just 5 days is.. this is why I need a planner :) Most weeks look this way.

I like the to-do list at the bottom of each month. Instead of having random sheets of paper laying around, I can write them down here and cross them out when they're done. It appears I need to work on doing some stuff...

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