Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

(one) Madison's last day of school is next week. Her regular school ends today but they have an extra 4 days of Summer Camp that we are sending her to. It won't be with her regular teachers and there will be a lot less kids and different activities. She will have fun. I'm a little worried about her getting bored this Summer. I feel like I need some structured activities. Painting one day, library one day, park one day.. that kind of thing.  Maybe even a structured day. An hour of this, hour of that.. whatever. I need to print some craft projects from my ever growing Toddler Activities board from Pinterest. If your kids are off for Summer from preschool, what are your plans? I need toddler friendly activities that I can bring my 4 month old to do as well.

(two) On that note, school being over makes me sad. Madison will be turning 3 two weeks after school starts this year. THREE!!!!?? I see her growing leaps and bounds week after week. She has learned so  much this year. From recognizing letters and numbers to counting to almost 15. She loves singing and painting and has recently started pretending, which is so fun to watch. She has this great imagination. Anyways, school ending means Madison is getting older. Because that wouldn't happen if she wasn't in school, right? Sigh.

 (three) Parenthood. I've talked about it before. If you don't watch it, WATCH IT! I thought I cried a lot during the first 3 seasons. Man, this 4th season is a real tearjerker! Wow!

(four) I've gotten bit by an organizing bug. I need to organize the girls' photo albums, baby books, their pregnancy books, type out some recipes and organize my recipe binders. Now I just need the time to do it all.

(five) We've had a lot of tractors int he neighborhood lately. We are surrounded by old(and current) cow pastures. They've been bailing and plowing and planting and fertilizing one of the fields. It's sort of peaceful coming home to tractors all around. Is that weird?


  1. I am dropping by from the link up. I live in a rural area too. My little guy pauses at the site of EVERY SINGLE TRACTOR that goes by. It is so funny. I teach so as far as summer goes I try to keep my kids active in learning but also balance out the super fun with it. It will come together, don't worry!

    1. He would love it where I love then 😊

      We are always in teach mode with my 2 year old. I just want to keep her active and stimulated!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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