Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Table Rock Beach

Madison's been asking to go to the beach or go swimming just about everyday for the last month. When we went to Lake Lure a couple of weeks ago, she wanted to get in the water so bad she couldn't stand it! Wading in it wasn't enough! So yesterday we all went to Table Rock, SC. There's a lake there and they have made a small 'beach'. When we got there, Alan wanted to scout things out before we all got out. He came back to the car and said they were making everyone get off the beach due to bad weather coming in. We walked to the playground and let Madison play. She was able to play about 15 minutes before it started drizzling. We all walked back to the car and waited it out for the few minutes that it lasted. I stayed in the car with Riley while Alan took Madison back to the playground. They headed back our way and around 3:10, they opened the beach back up. 

We got lucky and got the shade from the Lifeguard's umbrella...

..as Alan and Madison headed for the water

She finally knocked out after fighting it for a while!

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