Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week in Photos

In the play room and Riley just kept watching Madison play. She kept smiling and laughing. She can not wait until they can play together!

 Painted her toenail and fingernails while Riley was napping. 
Also, only my child would want a jacket on in 80* weather.

I made some sidewalk paint from corn starch, water and food coloring and we painted the driveway.
The only way I can get a few minutes of cardio in is to get Madison involved.. Here she is doing frogger.
Everybody on the porch! Madison played with her buggy, Riley played in her bouncer and I soaked in some Vitamin D.

Went to story and play time at the library today. Checked out 22 books and when I offered her a juice box, she said "Wait! I have to finish my book first!" And she did.. She read through all 22 books page by page.

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