Friday, August 24, 2012

Things for Madison

I went to a local consignment sale last night for Consignor night since I put some of her things for sale in there. When I dropped of her things, I was scouting out the big toys and had my eye on a play kitchen for her! I got there early and got in line and made a b-line to the kitchen! Score! There were 2 exactly alike but $14 difference between them. Of course I grabbed the cheaper one :) I also found a booster seat(not pictured) for Alan's mom when she watches Madison, 6 sleepers, 4 shirts, 4 pants and 3 pair of shoes all for $56! I am so excited at my scores and plan on going back for half off day on Sunday. I've also made $9 at the sale(after the $8 fee was taken out) so hopefully that number will keep going up and I can break even! We plan on giving her the kitchen for her 1st Birthday here in a couple of weeks(!!!!) If you don't shop consignor sales and you have kids, you are crazy :) I got name brand clothes and shoes(Old Navy, K Swiss, Carters) for next to nothing!

On a side note, every one that was invited should hopefully have their invite by now. Isn't she the cutest thing? Here's the picture from her invite. Love.that.girl.

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