Friday, December 2, 2011

Dickens of a Christmas

 So we decided to take her this year to see how she would like it. We met her Nimmie and Papa there. We found out on our tree trip that she loves being carried in the sling carrier. Since we knew it would be crowded and going in and out of stores with the stroller would be a pain, we put her in the carrier. It was freezing but she didn't mind! We had her wearing 2 layers with a hat and hood and a blanket wrapped around her! We went to eat beforehand and she slept the whole time so we weren't sure if she would even be awake to see all the lights and people. She woke up when we took her out and seemed amazed at everything! Here are pics from the night..

 When we first got there

 Still sleepy!

We switched her up!

 Amazed by the tree lights!
 She even met Santa!
Another great memory to add with our little pumpkin!

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