Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was a special Christmas for us for obvious reasons! Even though she's only right at 4 months, we wanted her to have some new toys and books. When we went shopping, we quickly realized that they don't make many toys for babies under 6 months. We did manage to find her this stuff:

Some soft ABC blocks, a cookie monster stuffed animal, a Sing-A-ma-Jig, Spongebob pillow pet, a couple of rattles, a ball she can grip that rattles and a ton of books.

And here are a ton of pictures!

Us with her Spongebob Pillow Pet

Cookie Monster.
She does the funniest thing when she's eating. If you take her bottle away, after you put it back in,
she goes "nom nom nom" just like cookie monster. It's so cute!

With her daddy and the cute bear her PaPaw and Nana gave her- and Wilma
in the background with her Christmas bone.

With one of her blocks.

Hanging out with her books and Spongebob

Where's the baby?!

Loving her ball! Easy to grip!

She's so full of expressions!

This is one of my favorite looks! She will lean her head forward and look at you
under her top eyelashes. Then she will break out into a huge smile! It's like she's saying "Seriously?"

Hey, Beautiful!

So silly!

She loves her Sophie that her Nimmie gave her!

Her Uncle William gave her her very first Cubs hat. She's way too cool now!

On top of all of those toys she got some money, a dog and reindeer that lights up and sings, a screen mobile for her crib that projects on the ceiling, a cute cupcake trinket box with her initial on it, a really soft bath towel, a teddy bear, a ball easy enough for her to grip, a gold bracelet that was her Nimmie's when she was a little girl and I know I'm forgetting something but it's been a few days and my memory is horrible! Thanks everyone for her gifts! She loves them all!

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