Monday, November 28, 2011

Madi's first Christmas tree adventure

Every year we go to Linville, NC to a tree farm and pick out our Christmas tree. This year we were excited to start Madison's first tradition with her! It is very important for us to make lots of memories for her, even now, even though she won't remember. We decided to make it a day trip since we weren't too keen on taking Wilma in the car with Madison just yet, since Wilma's leg is still healing. We didn't want her taking a fall in the car since our attention would be split between her and Madison. We left around 10, stopped by our traditional place to get breakfast, got to Linville and found a new farm since our regular farm was pretty bare. We found our tree pretty quick and flagged someone to cut it and take it down. We picked out our wreath, paid and were on our way! We decided to go into Blowing Rock and walk downtown. After getting Wilma a new collar and toy, some fudge, cupcakes, candy apple and lemonade, we left and went and had lunch in Boone at this local Mexican place. We then headed back home! Here are the pictures throughout the day:

 Here we are putting our layers on before getting out of the car

 Here we are in front of our tree (the center one)

Hanging out

 Us before heading back down to wait on them to bring our tree.. It was windy!

  Alan and Madi in blowing Rock

Little cutie

Our tree during the day.

and at night..

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