Sunday, September 4, 2011

39 & 40 weeks

August 27-Sept 3(39 weeks)

Not many more changes from here on out. Her lungs will continue to develop and she will keep building her fat layers.

We had a doctor appointment on the 2nd that showed I was 2cm dilated(10cm is delivery) and my cervix is more thinned. Her heart rate was in the 160s. My weight is 128 and my belly measures 39" which means she's dropping! We have an appointment on Tuesday(6th) to induce if Madison doesn't come before then. And being that her due date was yesterday, I don't think she's in any rush but we are hoping she's going to come on her own tonight or tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us. Here is my 40 week picture since there won't be any more changes and she will be here on Tuesday at the latest!(40 weeks)

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